Saturday Mix-Opposing Forces

To the Victims of Fascism by Hans Grundig

When I turned ten, my father told me, “Go West!” as if he knew what a Beatnik I was at heart, and was gently trying to steer me towards modern pastures. Stubborn as a mule, I spent my early years moving further East, inching towards ancient cities; ones that have little give and no will to change. Oh, to go back and heed his advice. Head west towards a more liberal life.

East vs. West

Winter fades with the brightening of spring. The watered-down grey turns white again like clothes in the wash. And from that blank canvas, a collage of colors can be reborn.

Will the memories of winter’s cruelty vanish with each illuminating morning? Will disease dwindle, and good health return to warm us through the changing of the season? I coddle my belief that brightness brings us closer to a warm embrace.

Fade vs. Brighten

This is a response to Mindlovemisery’s Saturday mix on opposing forces. Our words this week are:

– east and west

– fade and brighten

Sarah prompted us to ask ourselves,  How can I use antithetical statements in my writing?


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