Fibbing Friday-March 12th

I really look forward to Friday’s Fibbing. Just puts a smile on my face to read all the brilliant responses and take part. Enjoy!

Join us in the fun!

1. Who, or what, is will o’ the wisp? Cousin to the Lucky Charms leprechaun, except he can no longer taste the rainbow.
2. What is a noggin? A kinda private dance party that happens after you do the egging.
3. What is a bobbin? I’m not really sure, ask Neal.
4. What are otherwise known as crows feet? Cracked city sidewalk; it’s about time for some laser resurfacing or fillers.
5. What is jerky? Easy, that’s the screen name of my ex-husband.
6. What is aplomp? Well, that’s the noise I make every Friday night when I cannonball my bottom onto the couch.
7. What is a caricature? That’s the couture version of my outfits, as described to friends and family online. Right now it’s a plush gingham sleep pant and black form-fitting t-shirt.
8. What is a misdemeanor? Oh, these are girls in training to become Mrs. B Meaniors
9. What’s the difference between a blimp and a blip? Well, to put it delicately, one is limp and the other isn’t. It’s not that big of deal, I guess.
10. What is an arctic roll? It’s a new sushi roll that has sub zero calories.


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