No Man in the World

Priyesh Soni “Feminist”

Demeaning, Devaluing

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Why is the experience of half of the world disgraced?

Clawing, Climbing

Walk-behind, Cover-up

Bind! Bind! Bind!

Why should contortion and distortion of oneself mean love?

Chick Lit, Fluff

only girls read that stuff.

Don’t stand, sit! Cross your legs!

Secrets, Misinformation

Why is the experience of half the world segregated?

I have not forgotten, my foremothers’ pains;

the stretch of the coat hanger,

the years without signature,

without even the power of their own names.

None of us can ever unlive those days.

“No Man is Big Enough For My Arms” Ibeyi
International Women's Day


  1. Powerful stuff. I can’t get my head round the burka. It’s not a racist thing it’s that subliminal message about women being somehow less than men that I hate. 🙂

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