Risky Flight

The images are all scenes from out of a plane window, first a city,

I’m sitting in the plain,
my colors rinsed
down drain;
a sterilized domain.
He said I was a plane
always jetting off
to the next guy.
Maybe it was
true, I did
look for the exit
sign whenever
I took a seat by
someone new.
Heads more abstract
when viewed
from the back.

It’s always the
window view for me.
Head banging
against the pain,
The damage,
a pillow-less overnight.
I did not stop
the take-off,
my baggage
customs long
I grind my teeth
in turbulence,
flapping myself towards
To stop the
pane rattling,
jostling my
frame on this
risky flight.

Artwork Peaks Out Airplane Windows by Jim Darling

This piece was inspired by MindloveMisery’s Menagerie-—-The Saturday Mix-Up.

The Double Take Challenge today is all about homophones.

Our homophone sets this week are:

pain – physical suffering, distress
pane – one of the divisions of a window


plane – a flat or level surface
plain – clear or distinct

Join us!


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