Flash Back Track Friday #6

There’s something so appealing about anything that’s new, am I right? A home, an object, a relationship—it’s all so exciting. Maybe, that’s why this week’s flashback track “Brand New Key” by Melanie was such a huge success in 1971. On the surface, this song is about girl with new roller skates trying to attract a boy. Melanie maintains that she wrote the song in just fifteen minutes with an innocent, care-free tone. However, this innocent song has been interpreted to have much deeper innuendo, so much so in fact, that the song was actually banned in some places for a while after its release. Can you imagine?

Give this fun track a nostalgic listen, and then if you feel inspired, create a flash fiction, poem, or piece of artwork inspired by something (or someone) brand new from any period of your life. You can keep this piece surface level, just like this track (although someone is sure to assume something), or you can attempt to convey a deeper meaning that other’s will have to find for themselves.

“Brand New Key” Melanie

Very Loose Rules to Participate:

  • Create a poem, flash fiction, or work inspired by the memory of something or someone new.
  • Share your work on your blog, and be sure to ping back this post-Anytime this week will be great.
  • Be sure to tag your work #FBTF or FBTF
  • You can also leave a link to your work in the comments below for all to enjoy.

    Happy Friday, Friends!

As a bonus, you must absolutely watch Michael Myers lip sync this song. The link is below, but I couldn’t get the video to embed on this post. If you have a few minutes, believe me, it’s hysterical.


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