Brand New Riedells

Soft leather,
neon laces tied
in threes,
Tardis socks
up to the knees.
Hey ladies!
I roll on reds, 93s–
Gotta stopwatch to beat,
learning to shuffle my feet;
I’m the freshmeat.

Bright lights,
hockey court,
late nights, in
a contact sport.
Slamming hips,
pivot and swish.
On an flat track,
gotta get back
up and smack
through the pack.

Running plays,
out and in,
push and sway;
the blocker way,
help that Jammer
score again.
Watch the Vixens
win, win, win.

Music loud,
more laps,
music loud,
more claps,
knock ‘er round,
more laps,
rink rash,
more claps,
build a wall,
pop a hole,
snow plough,
T-stop; it’s my
Derby bop.

This poem is my response to Flashback Track Friday #6–Brand New.

Once upon a time, I played roller derby for a team called the Vineyard Vixens and after a couple of years, I made the travel team. I skated three to four days a week, all seasons. I was small for a blocker, but I was fierce. For my handle, I used my childhood nickname of KK to make KK-47. Punny, but ironic as I’ve never liked guns.

My mother taught me to skate when I was four. She figure-skated in her time and loved to bring me and my sisters to the rink several times a week. She is still so graceful on skates. My first six months, I skated on a really cheap pair of skates. I’m lucky I didn’t break anything. Once I saved the money, I bought my first Riedells; they were the perfect fit.

This poem is about my love of Roller Derby. If you’re wondering how the game is played, I’m attaching a super short clip of oversimplified rules. Hope you enjoy this flashback!

Modern Derby

Whip It Movie Clip~In modern derby, there is no punching and lots of rules–A penalty box for violators.


    • I think I could lead you around the track, though 🙂 Did you ever ice-skate? I was skating from such a young age, but yeah, I’m lucky to have never “broken” anything. I definitely banged my right wrist one too many times. It still aches every time it rains. Lots of bruises, but yeah, no serious injuries. I still like to go skating. No rinks here, though, there is a team they practice in a warehouse.

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