Confusion Clearly Conferred

The State confers,
next week, by Monday,
should the numbers in the state
of Bavaria be less than 75
per one hundred thousand, and
maintained for at least 7 days,
without incidence,
than it could be possible
groups of people, not to exceed 2
families, with no more than 5 adults
total, to mean any individuals over
age 14, may be given permission
if wearing masks of FFP2,
FFP3 or N95 caliber
to purchase tickets
online, in advance,
with an appointed time,
that ensures 1.5 meters
can be maintained
at all time, come
and confer with
once again at
the Hellabrunn

But, when we get there,
will our cousins understand,
why we’re imitating
their profiles?

Today’s word is confer. Join us!


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