Deciduous Decision

Ears perked when bunny heard the hullabaloo. Standing by the edge of the deciduous forest, hops from the burrow hole, a fortissimo crescendo flared-up. Had a white bellbird moved into a neighboring tree? Bunny turned. A fluttering aria rose over the calm twill, punctuating the easy flow of woodland morning conversation.

No, this was no ordinary oration. A guttural accompaniment joined the rich accordion-like symphony. Huffing similar to a meerkat made the percussion. Bunny twitched. Should he hop over? But, Bunny knew to mind his own whiskers. Besides, not all animals in the forest were bred like bunnies.

This is a 100 word photo prompt prepared for 100 Word Story. They have a new photo each month and publish their favorite in a quarterly collection.

Art Credit: April Bradley


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