These Trees

These trees spout black eyes,
wield blunt branches like batons,
but they’re also prone to Envy’s sting,
and the invasiveness of spring.

They’ve weathered winter
as cacti weather drought:
all prickles and girth–
their bark now warms, waxen,
to the sly affections of Mother Earth.

They hesitate in the face of change,
goiters, worry of gangrene, and
the unseen pathogens of sunlight.
Porcupines, all of them,
designed to defend
with callousness and cataracts.

But down on the base,
just where the trees playfully
touch meadow, there’s a sly
gape in the chains of bark—
sesame-brown, soft, unwrinkled,
a cave opens, ready to be explored
by prime, patient hands.


      • do you have a garden? Several years ago I planted all sorts of early bulbs actually in the lawn. That looks lovely when they all just nuzzle through. It has the added advantage of not having to mow the lawn until about June!

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      • No, sadly I don’t have a personal garden here, although the English garden is just meters from my door. I do enjoy it. I had a garden at home purple tulips out front, in the back veggies-tomatoes, squash, green beans, zucchini. I’d put my babies in a wheelbarrow and garden, they’d giggle and as they got older they’d dig and assist with weeds. Yeah, I miss it.

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      • I thought you were gonna say you’d plant them! IAnd I was not going to argue.)
        Frankly, my garden was simply hard work to keep it maintained. I suppose I simply did not have enough time, but all I ever seemed to do was to cut thinks back. I never really had the hours of fun that we see, planting things and watching them grow.
        We brought back lots of tulips from Holland but we made the mistake of bundling them with daffodils. The daffs still come up but the tulips only came up once.

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