Flashback Track Friday #5

Today’s Flashback Track Friday artist is a bit of an enigma. There are no videos or recordings of him. His biography doesn’t include information about his personal life, career or inspirations. What we do know about Toussaint McCall is that he was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1934. Despite his incredible vocal talent as an R&B artist, he was unable to achieve success in his musical career. He lived in a world dominated by Jim Crow Laws. A world fueled by fierce hatred and strict nonsensical lines of separation.

In 1968 Louisana, when this track came out, Toussaint would not have been able to use the same park, diner, waiting room or toilet as his white neighbors. Blacks in Louisiana were prohibited from dancing or attending social gatherings with their white peers; even the blood for transfusions had to labeled black or caucasian to prevent sharing.

Despite what must have been the many unwritten struggles of Toussaint McCall’s life, he is an artist with incredible je ne sais quo. To me, he embodies that elusive “It” factor. Huffpost defines the “It” factor as a strong natural magnetism that attracts others through charisma, verbal skills, and gravitas.

Give this track, “Baby, You Got It” by Toussaint McCall a nostalgic listen. It’s a track that could easily be on the top of the billboards today.

Then, if you’re feeling inspired, join me in creating something artistic in the form of a poem, a flash fiction, or artwork about someone or something that has the “it” factor for you. Share with me what makes this someone or something irresistible.

Rules to Participate:

  • Create a poem, flash fiction, or work inspired by someone or something that has the “It” factor.
  • Share your work on your blog, and be sure to ping back this post by inserting a link.
  • Be sure to tag your work #FBTF or FBTF
  • Be sure to leave a link to your work in the comments below for all to enjoy.

Flashback Track Shout Out

I’m fortunate to post some of my flashback track fun in the allpoetry.com community. Finally judged my Valentine’s weekend track and here are two amazing poems inspired by Roberta Flack’s track “The First Time…..”

PenAllen’s Closing Time-Sonnet—it sizzles with memory.

You’re sure to get lost in the orbs of Scraps n scribbles caught in orbit.

~Happy Friday, friends!


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