Bowie, You Got It!

This flash fiction piece was prepared for the Friday Flashback Track #5 “It” Factor. Join in the fun by writing about a person or thing that embodies the “It” factor for you.

This Little Slice

“David Bowie” by Johnathan McAfee

I knew I’d been possessed by David Bowie when I put on the silk-ruffled blouse and Jareth riding boots hidden in my labyrinth of flea-market finds. It’d taken a quarantine for me to organise my closet, stocked like a bomb shelter since the 1980s.

Strangely, I channelled a spinning globe of halo hair singing, “Dance, Magic Dance,” while piles of crumpled clothes like gnarled goblins leapt from the floor and found nooks. A sudden knock on the door. I turned to face the fame of a lingeried leg lined up through the slash. Apparently, my rebel neighbour’s a grinning soul.

The first time I saw David Bowie I was eight years old and spending the afternoon with a friend. The Labyrinth was playing on her television when I arrived. I don’t know if it was the tights, the British accent, the hair, but it was definitely my first crush. David Bowie will always possess the “It” factor for me, as someone who is a rebel and refuses to conform to the stereotypes of others.

I ‘ve watched the movie many times since that first viewing. I know too many of the lines by heart. Let’s just say in the following scene, I would always daydream that I would never pop that bubble and leave David Bowie’s fantasy ball.


    1. K.Hartless

      Now that you put it that way, it seems creepier than in my mind 😉 Eminem just is a word wizard. Even if you want to object and say, no this is wrong, you just can’t deny the talent in twisting the word vine. Have you seen my post—-Winter Passing. It’s a very small poem about this past winter but with Eminem’s newer song, Gnat. I would say, he’s continuing to be even more amazing as that song illustrates. Thanks so much for your kind comment.


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