Dilly, Dilly

Lavender blooms, dilly dilly
sneak-peaking spring.
Writer’s compost heap
reaps playful blossoming.

Wildflowers sway, dilly dilly
plump for plucking.
Wear one on my ear,
dear, until you can be seen.

Marigolds ring, dilly dilly
volcanoes erupting;
confess to spring and
cling to boingy things.

Snowbells bowing, dilly dilly
pour out blessings.
Fast the ego, humbly,
in airy shades of spring.

“Lavender Blue” by Burl Ives

This poem found me reading in the park yesterday. I guess the wind whistled this tune past as my little ones brought me flowers. I find it charming, as I haven’t heard this song since I was a very small child.


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