Audible Poem~Reader’s Choice

I’ve been posting a lot of original poems lately, rather quickly, so I was thinking it would be nice to record a reading of one of the poems so that you can hear my voice and the way I envision the words. I’d love to know which poem you’d prefer hearing read aloud. Thanks for reading and voting.


  1. “In the Springtime” is a poem I wrote seven years ago when I was going through a difficult divorce.
  2. “Let’s Dance” I wrote when David Bowie passed in 2016 as reflection of his musical influence.
  3. “Whatever You Choose” I wrote late last night for a late-night radio talk show that I enjoy. It’s still being fluffed.
  4. “There’s No Time (Machine)” I wrote last week when I discovered a catchy song by Painted Shield.
My favorite Muse~The Muse of Poetry by Alphonse Mucha


  1. No preference. Whichever you would prefer. I recorded a few of my limericks a while ago but the thrill for me was finding out how best to do it. Once I had done it, I lost interest. I made a few YouTube videos, just with a static graphic, but moved to SoundCloud because there is a dedicated WP block. It’ll be interesting to see how you do it. Incidentally, another reason I stopped was because nobody ever played them! (Both sites gave stats).

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    • I’ve never recorded an original poem before, actually. So there’s a novelty to it being new. For the late night show, I let the host Pam read my poems. Thanks for the tip on Sound Cloud. I might have a song recorded from long ago on there, actually. I thought it could be fun, as I like hearing the voice of the author, but yeah, after I see how the plays, I might change my mind. 😉

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      • I’d never heard of SC but I saw another blogger (think it was Victoria Stewart) recorded some of her stuff on it. But I notice that she has stopped now, too. Dunno why, but it was pleasant to listen to her voice.

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