In the Springtime

Glyptoteket (Reclining Tahitian Women) Vik Muniz

In the springtime,
did I hold too tight?
Wrapping the shadows of your feet.
Foraging towards your forbidden heights.
Struggling to grow
in the crevices of you.
Bending ancient thoughts
beneath ever-changing skin.

I am only inching
in your sunlight.
Clinging during downpours,
a sapling,
delicate and flat against you.
Always twining you to me,
interlacing my tenuous grip
with your sturdy confidence.

For you,
tomorrow will exist.
It’s my brevity that makes me

I’m always the vine,
never the tree.


    • Thank you, John. Art seems such a natural pair to poetry, and I get excited when I see one that will pair with my words. Saw this painting online this morning, and thought of this poem, so it was meant to be. Very kind comments. I’m glad you like this one.

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