Only A Fool

Call me a fool–

an insecure idiot,

day-dreaming dunce,

bold buffoon, walkie-talkie loon,

a horny half-wit.

Just another needy nincompoop,

deluded dullard dancing under moon,

irritating imbecile,

creative creatine wallpapering my cell,

sultry simpleton without a veil.

Hey, crazy clod,

confounded cretin–rather odd,

drifting dope—lucky penny

a needy ninny, pig of guinea

an infatuated ignoramus.

Realize, you put both feet in–

cannon-balled the middle

of his deepest end,

without seeing how wide

the pool extends.

Artwork: “Dive Into Your Soul” by Karina Hergo

“Call Me A Fool” by Valerie June


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