A Modern Hive of Haiku-February

The highway don’t rest;
hums a trail of whang and screech
I hike through to sleep.

Demolition me!
Some days are sledgehammers; let’s
crush a cup of wine!

Expect more, ask less,
see what wisdom life brings you;
stick out your grand chest.

Park trees hold hung hands,
enjoying the clingy snow’s
moistness, most cherished.

Rekindle romance,
flickering flames, new nicknames;
wicked, witty dance.

Squeeze tight with your thighs,
punctuate the ups and downs;
grab the reigns and ride.

How to hold your hand
when oceans of pride divide;
bodies aren’t barges.

“Alpine Haiku” Allison Stewart

The green remains seen
below the negligéd snow;
spring’s bare skin assures.

Won’t you marry me?
Swim in sync, glide by my side,
make believe we’re swans.

Love, pull down the shades,
mold a cocoon of our room;

Bubbles like snowdrops.
Bumblebee legs buzz; in tub
spring reveals itself.

Red wine paperback;
savory story arch with
a spicy finish


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