Life Through The Lens-Feb. 21st

Mr.Bump has been sharing his excellent photography each Sunday afternoon, and I highly recommend taking in his photographs and perhaps joining in by sharing some of your own. Today’s post can be found here. I’m always taking shots on my adventures, although not with as much mastery.

Neuschwanstein Castle is called a romantic eclectic, such a lovely description for a structure or person. King Ludwig II commissioned the castle in 1868 spending most of his inherited fortune in an attempt to capture his romanticized view of the medieval period. The king only ended up spending 11 nights in the castle before his untimely death. The castle remains only partially finished inside.

Here are pictures from my hike today. It’s about a 40 min hike to the top, and then down again you get a beautiful view of the mountains of Schwangau, and lake Forggensee, which was partly frozen today. The famous lover’s bridge known as Marienbrüke as well as the inside of the castle remains closed due to COVID.


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