Saturday Mix-Opposites

Sarah from Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie hosts the Saturday Mix inviting us this week to have some fun with antithetical statements. She has given us two sets of opposites and the task of making those dichotomies work in harmony. Here are my responses inspired by the amazing landscape here in Bavaria.

Garmisch, Bavaria

Giant & Tiny

It was a giant window with a tiny view. A marshmallow apartment building squished across most of the frame. Harald’s socks, tiny black flags, flapped behind the window across from mine, and atop the bumpy roof, miniature squares of chocolate left in the freezer too long are frozen stiff. 

But up in the right-hand corner, on tippy toes, when the sun shines and the clouds aren’t blanketing everything, a mountain peak appears. A sharpened golden pencil, visible in the morning, waiting to be wielded.

Englisch Garten, Munich

Heavy & Light

February’s light snow still holds heaviness; we trudge through it on the way to work, with insulated bags for the supermarket, and back up the hill again, the one we’ve sled down all winter.

Now we carry the heavy burden of bags, knowing this may be the last trudge. The last laughter-filled slide down. The final rays of light that will reflect up at us from February’s thin-mirrored snow.


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