Only You

If nothing else is true,
my favorite cave to hide in’s you.

I’m willing to bet my canoe,
the safest barge I’ll boarded’s you.

I’m not getting a tattoo,
but I like the permanence ’a you.

I can’t stand the way you chew
like a panda crunches bamboo.

We can make our grand debut
after this trial year’s through.

Did I mention the way you chew?
I just won’t watch when you do.

Please don’t go online and spew,
I don’t feel safe digesting you.

No need for a hullabaloo.
It’s not that cold in my igloo.

When your mind says, “Achoo!”
How do you make someone unglue?

benny blanco, Marshmello & Vance Joy “You”


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