Sunday Writing Prompt-Thoughts from a Ginge

Ginger, Red, fire crotch, fire hydrant, carrot top, each one a singe, temper temper, is that your real color, Ginge?

Look a family of Gingers! Like we should be in a zoo. Can I touch your ‘do? Are you related to Ron Weasley? Do the curtains match the drapes? You’re hot, for a ginger (sleazy). Did you know, you’re going extinct?

Tomato soup, orange hair. Your hair’s so bright, it’s like flame. I’ve heard all these ridiculous things. Used to hate my own mane. But, I realized, peoples’ views are deranged.

Lest we forget, time washes all colors same. If you’re addressing a Ginger, best call her by name.

This piece is written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie Sunday Prompt-Ginger

Truth in Satire—-Tim Minchin “Prejudice”


  1. Oh, this so resonates with me! I too had ginger hair, however, I was the only one in my small family. So used to suffer similar to you, but also had to put up with being called the milkman’s/coalman’s daughter which was a real affront to my mother!
    My Dad called me Carrot Top, but out of affection not malice.
    I believe my red hair came from my maternal grandfather and my paternal grandmother.
    Now it’s going grey I have had it pink, purple, turquoise but I have finally settled back on red. Now I am comfortable in my skin, I love my red hair. ❤👩‍🦰❤

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    • Carolyn, Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t know why I didn’t see this earlier. I have two brown haired sisters, so my mom got a lot of the same rude abs embarrassing questions about the mailman. But, I have two red-headed children abs a red-headed niece, so we’re a bit of a tribe now. We’re tough, us Gingers, but also sensitive, too, I found. So sorry for my delay in responding. You’re hair is a fabulous shade.

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    • Well, it’s all been said. I think I’m fading into that “I”m not sure she’s a redhead” area, which is nice. Although I do get the the question, was your hair as bright as your daughters? The torture never ends…😂

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      • Oh my gosh, from my perspective I would be happy too. In high school and through the ’80s my brown hair was long. Today, I am almost bald. To use an old quote – time is the fire in which we burn… 😂


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