Flashback Track Friday #2

Where’s Your Itchycoo?

The sun came out today, releasing everything from shadow, and to tell you the truth, it’s all too beautiful! So naturally, my flashback tune for this Friday had to be “Itchycoo Park” written by Stephen Marriott frontman of the band, Small Faces. It was one of the first songs to use “flanging,” an audio effect that produces an echo of the same sound, just off by milliseconds.

Give it a nostalgic listen, and then I invite you to create your own flash (back) fiction, poem or artwork inspired by an outdoor location that holds magic for you.

Where’s your Itchycoo? Create a “flanging” memory with as much reverberated detail as you can conjure. Responses welcome all weekend. Happy Flashback Friday!

**Please be sure to ping this site, tag your work #FBF and add your link in the comments so I can bask in the warmth of your magical experiences.

My #FBF Poem:

Lion’s Bridge

Patchwork blanket
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
resting on my perky chest
and you, saying no one’s here
let’s get undressed.

Waterside reading,
freshwater thoughts, fuzzy hair
legs in the air
sunshades tipped sideways,
you asked me if I’d marry
you. I said, someday.

Swigs of something sweet,
the twist of sour tongues,
whiskey for the sunset hour.
Rolling over words
and your body,
highlighting the hard parts.

We stayed in the shade of
the live oak tree, I wasn’t expecting
wandering roots entwining me
and the steady waves
that lapped me up.

I studied Lorca at least a smidge;
making my own scandals
at Lion’s Bridge.


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