What I Didn’t Know

Five Faces of Grief — image inspired by an experiential process during a Grief and Loss class with Janet Schreiber at SWC

Heavy laughter
coats grief’s hanger.
Anger, the empty chair.
Pain, the last glare.
Summersault smirk,
You were shrinking,
not growing,
handsome lad–
I had no idea
you were lonely.

Steel mill dollhouse,
paper walls,
craggy mountains,
accidental falls.
Curtain of shame
divides us two,
didn’t know I
needed you.
Septic inside–
Lonely, and I left your

Teenage father,
gothic drama,
pills for speeding,
in-the-closet succeeding,
no way to stop the bleeding.
Last time we swung
you said you might run,
had no idea your destination
was the tip of a gun–
If I’d known lonely loves fear,
I wouldn’t a’ let you leave
first gear.

All lessons learned
like tales from a sci-fi,
Hope you each gotta reboot,
‘cause I forgot my past lives;
this loneliness is hindsight.

FKA Twigs-Home With You


  1. wow! this is packed with images and references of pain and desolation with some memorable phrases: ‘summersault smirk’. ‘loneliness is hindsight’ and those writhing, Francis Bacon-ish images; a kinetic and haunting piece !

    Liked by 1 person

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