Flashback Friday #1

Flashback Friday is a fun way to get inspired by the songs of the past to create some modern poetry. I’ve selected a song that hasn’t aged for me, “The Whole of the Moon” by The Waterboys released in 1985. It’s been covered several times since then, but not with the same spirit. My poem, “My Moon” pales in comparison to the lyrics of this song, but I hope it captures a bit of the wonderment and worship that drew me to the song so many moons ago.

If you’d like to flashback with me this Friday, be sure to ping this post, so I can enjoy even more nostalgia. Happy Friday friends!

My Moon

Chasing moonbeams with a net,
mirror ball to the skies,
looking for brightness—-
It sparkled kyanite in your eyes.

Picking up spare pennies,
your grin a gold doubloon,
reaching for abundance.
Your brilliance tips down monsoon.

Sprinting after rainbows,
setting puddles off like bombs,
looking for completeness,
formed in the hug of your palms.

Inching through magnetic fields,
searching for four-leaf clover,
looking for salvation.
A butterfly on top your boulder.

The ladybug won’t crawl on me,
she’s scampered off too soon.
Snug in a web of your lashes,
worshipping you, my moon.

“The Whole of the Moon” by The Waterboys

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