How Did I Get So Close?

There is power in movement,
and nature’s poses
know them all.
The spinning of the saw,
how did I get so close?
Professional jealousy
led to my downfall.

Locked in a masterpiece,
a heavily guard room with a view.
But, caged birds can fly
even when they’ve never seen sky.
How did I get so close?
I sketched wings at night
to power my own dreams.

Cautions worth repeating:
fly sure, giddy son, and swiftly.
Aspirations lost to me
burying my namesake in the sea.
How did I get so close?
Learn from my mistakes, about
the ego and the trips it takes.

Featured image titled “Daedalus” by Tomasz Tobolewski

Fana Hues “Icarus”


    • Hi! This is a relatively new song. It came out just last year. I enjoy selectively listening to new music, as it’s like trying a new recipe or visiting a new city, but I also love many different musical genres both old and new. Cheers!

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