Photo Challenge #350 His Own Kind

Lovers by Harry Hollard, 1982

Mindlovemisery’s photo challenge this week was just too intriguing to pass up. For more details about this contest visit here lovely blog page. Enjoy!

His Own Kind

There weren’t any of his kind left. No, they’d died off centuries before leaving him the only humanoid in a world of beings thousands of years his senior. His only solace in this speciary loneliness was the company of a Vermilingua from the planet Venus. While her face held the classic conical features of her race, it was easily covered by coarse hair. The prize was her mammalian chest, which bore two solid mountains of flesh, much like the Appalachian range back home. His favorite galactic voyage was to visit her sandy sanctuary.

After pleasantries and a few kisses that felt like sticking his tongue into a tackle box, he would swoop her hair down over her snout, leaving just the view of two tanned circles, the warmth of Earth’s sun beaming into each palm. He suckled her in remembrance of his own kind. 

Solace, a permanent place between her bosom. As often as he could, he’d press his head in the holler of her chest and it was as if he were spelunking deep in the caves of Virginia.  Darkness, slight dampness on his face, and a mystical, musky smell. If only he could stay there, eyes pressed into flesh and wait for the extinction of his race.

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