Shattered Values by Che Hondo

Get your ethic’s á-la-carte
on deep discount, today
at your local Value Markt.

No returns, so come early to start,
put your soul as collateral
for a trolley cart,
and inspect
last season’s ethics—
below-the-belt beliefs will surprise,
and decide to finally compromise.

Have we got what you need?

Adjustable pride cap
keeps your head high.

Rollaway respect bed,
store it on the fly.

Last year’s love lingerie,
wearable night or day.

Cheap keep-the-peace purses
ward off weekday curses.

Lasting loyalty lamp,
turn it off every day,

and don’t forget:

a trust-tarnished tray
Holds up the story,
or so they say.

Or perhaps you should consider
these items to the highest bidder:

A decorative bowl
with a wisdom weave.

A fabric heart-shaped brooch
to wear upon your sleeve.

A commitment console–
you won’t notice it’s there.

An honesty hope chest
with garb you won’t wear.

And for the ethical shopper:

An open-minded ottoman
for your office feet to plop on.

Consistency curtains or couch—
no need to pledge, just try them out.

Trust me, friends,
these are just a few;
treasures brighten you.

Movable morals like our
ethical, collapsable career carts and
Memory-less, matrimony mattress
are what life’s all about,
so drop into V-Markt, before we sell out.

“If You Think It’s Love” King Prince


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