Tis of Me

Time to take out the creativity kit
channel Betsy Ross and try to stitch
a new flag of unity
from the chiaroscuro scrapes
of tunnel-visioned division,
the bias binding of a social disease.

Make a monochromatic
comforter of unity.
Compose a quilted love song
to my country
that makes us all take one knee,
aching from the weight of words,
fear-based imagery,
and the sight of stubborn ones
fighting over our freedoms
like toys;
they won't let go
until they rip us in two.

If only I could find you,
a universal needle,
our foremothers,
have them describe to their descendants
why they chose to arrive--
or if they didn't,
why their families set their squares
in the only land I know where
you can say and pray
exactly as you want
without the control of a
foundation piercing through.

I'd double line my work
with so much to learn
about the environment and society,
such a lovely creation--
fabric slightly off the grain
is still useable.
Easing is possible
through continued back-stitching,
and honorable collaboration.

Let each of us switch swaths
of consciousness,
experience homespun discrimination,
hate and the hand of displacement
rips in the fabric
we carry inside.

Wrap us all
in a new kindred shawl
with long right and left arms,
a homogenous hug,
hold us all there
and remind each of us--
our creation is home.

This poem is my echo eiderdown
to always listen,
to kneel before purple mountains,
nature's majesty,
and to love all of the swatches of
my homeland.
Feel a sense of pride for
the lattice quilt of the free.

“Our hearts aching, our prayers praying, our flags waving, never forget.”

Betsy Ross

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