Sentimental Surroundings

Sentimental surroundings,
soaking up everything about me.

Purple pen, a mind reader
wacky signature, sarcastic style.

The kettle has memorized moods,
evening droops and slow-simmering 'tudes.

Almanac of wildest design,
the phone, a gratifying mastermind.

Sonic toothbrush buzzes pride
scrubbing debris and daily agenda aside.

My slippers absorb fretful chores,
pinpoint positions my body adores.

The carpet's a coarse classroom,
zoom meetings and gaming afternoons.

The brush shushes tangled dread,
pulls secret worry of things unsaid.

I’ve blessed the bike with tense sweat,
the weight of dreams and rosy regret.

The black kitchen knife holds heart,
precise and patient, ripping apart.

The candle stays lit from transformations,
commitments, and burning declarations.

The quilt knows intuition--
wrapping ancestry with admission.

Sentimental surroundings,
Memorize everything about me.

Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital Singh “Call Me When You Land”

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