My favorite thing about New Year’s Day is the Mummer’s Parade. The day-long extravaganza oozes creativity with out-of-this-world costumes and elaborate props that is sure to inspire imaginations young and old. Since I’m partial to both the string bands of the parade and also Jody Little’s “Pure Imagination” painting of Gene Wilder from Willy Wonka, I’ve combined these two sweet obsessions to create my own art. Cheers to a sweet new year!


You're so sweet-
Ice cream cone legs,
peppermint shoulder blades,
taffy tongue.

I want to scoop 
your sundae mountain peaks,
ice your cupcake checks,
grab your firm lifesaver buns.

Kiss me, candy cane lips.
I'm a sucker. Just ask.
The answer is yes, 
the candyman can. 

String Band 12 “Duffy” Mummer’s Parade

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