Silver Pennies

To enter,
give this rarity to
the fairy,
and with ivory
flanking the present
of her undimmed presence,
she will tautly tiptoe,
amidst the blackness
bringing her own luster.

She can take you all the way
to fairyland;
twist, contort
delight and distort
all that you believe
to be true
about what the female
form can do.
1938 Silver Pennies Childrens Poetry Book Silhouette Illustrations by  Winifred Broomhall | Book silhouette, Childrens poetry, Silhouette  illustration

“If a poem is worthy at all, it isn’t tough–it is frail and exquisite, a mood, a moment of sudden understanding, a cobweb which falls apart at a clumsy touch.” Blanche Jennings Thompson

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